Final Call for the next flight - Myanmar

              When I told my family and friends that I am going to Myanmar, they all asked me "Why?"         I smiled and answered "I don't know. My heart just tells me that this is the moment to get out of my comfort zone and explore the different sides of the world." 

             Without bringing any expectation to travel Myanmar, I have discovered another dimension of this country. The longer you stay there, you will find out that it has a polished side in their dressing style, architectural design and also performing art. People usually stay focus on the surface of Myanmar, such as its political situation and social issue, but they never try to explore the cultural and artistic side of it. If you could give a chance to this country, you will have a lot of fun here.  

         That's the reason why I named this website as "prism" because everything does not only have one side, so as Myanmar.  I would like to invite you spending a few minutes to see a complete different dimension of this cute city in my eyes. I hope you would find something interesting and attractive there as I do.

              Are you ready for this journey? This is the final call for visiting another side of Myanmar.




    Let's Go!


Eddy Yeung